GPS tracking devices

15th World Rogaining Championships organizers with IRF approval have decided to broadcast team progress using GPS technology and estimate progressive scores of teams during the competition.
According to IRF Strategic plan one of the goal of event is to make more attractive competitions for spectators. Therefore, WRC2017 organizers team found an opportunity to utilise GPS tracking systems to increase attractiveness for spectators and media via internet and social networking, whilst preserving the key elements of the sport.
Organizers will require selected teams to carry GPS devices (free of charge). The other teams will have the opportunity to rent GPS tracker team's area(one per team, limited number of devices available).
Please check this list to see if your team is among the selected teams before ordering GPS tracking service.
The following deviations from IRF Rules of Rogaining will apply for the 15th World Rogaining Championships:

 · The event organisers will require some teams(teams were selected by organizing team of WRC2017) to carry GPS tracking devices on the course. One member of selected team must carry GPS tracking device at all times whilst they are on the course as an item of mandatory equipment, which cannot be dropped even temporarily.
· The GPS tracking device provided by the organisers must be returned to the organisers immediately at finish.
· The event organisers will broadcast live tracking data and estimated progressive scores of teams based on the data obtained from a number of checkpoints in the terrain from two hours following the start of the competition.
 · No member of any team is permitted to access any internet capable device at any time during the event. Recorded and broadcasted data cannot be used in order to improve anyone’s performance in the competition.

All competitors are reminded of Rule B12 which states “A team shall not accept assistance from, nor collaborate with, other people during course planning or on the course nor deliberately follow another team.”


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