Moving closer to the starting line

As you might have noticed the latest Bulletin No.3 is out, so you can review all changes and additions compared to previous bulletins.

What not to forget when moving closer to the starting line

Mandatory equipment
In addition to equipment specified in IRF Rules, each WRC 2017 competitor shall carry all the time from start to finish of the competition:
  • valid travel document: i.e. ID card or passport for EU citizens and passport (and visa, if necessary for traveling to Latvia) for other foreign citizens or valid personal ID document (for citizens of Latvia). Please note: part of competition area lies in borderland of Republic of Latvia, therefore there might be requests by State Border Guard officials to present travel and personal ID documents during the course.
  • a whistle: Rule B15 states – Each competitor shall carry a whistle at all times whilst on the course.
  • SI cards with non-removable wristbands (for every competitor), provided by organizers.
  • GPS trackers (for selected teams only), provided by organizers,
  • competition number bib (for every competitor), in the way that number bibs are visible during the competition,
Organizers will provide sealing bags upon registration in the event center for sealing prohibited devices stated IRF Rule B7 (i.e. GPS devices, mobile phones, GPS capable watches, computer devices of any type etc.) to be taken on the course.
A compass, balanced to magnetic north
A compass: highly recommended in order not to get lost.
WRC 2017 will be held in protected nature area – Rāzna National park. This territory was established in 2007 in order to protect unique diversity of nature and traditional landscapes, as well as a lot of protected species. In addition to IRF Rules, each participant is asked to behave and act during it’s stay in Rāzna national park very carefully and gently in respect to nature and territory visited, thus protecting nature treasures and strengthening image of rogainers as respectful and responsible society group.There will be garbage collection bins at the event center as well as trash disposal plastic bags at water stations in the terrain. Competitors shall leave their trash (e.g. gel tubes, snack covers etc.) either in event center or one of these water station trash bags.
P.S. Currently on the road Jēkabpils–Rēzekne, around Varakļāni and Viļāni, there are road construction and maintenance works with approx 14 traffic lights. Assuming that, driving time can increase. We suggest you to plan your trip accordingly.


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