How to cross the beaver dams

A common animal in Latvia is a beaver. Beavers are known for building dams, canals, and homes (known as “lodges”).

Traces of their activity can also be seen in a distance – flooded areas with dead, cut and damaged trees:

The beaver lodge. This one most likely is uninhabited because of already grown bushes around:

Beavers can also help crossrivers and ditches, because it is easy to do it through the dams.
If you get to the ditch, where the water looks serene, but you hear waterwhispers nearby, go there. The beaver dam is where the stream goes over, and it is a chance to crossit with dry feet:

This looks like a pretty beaver dam. All three photos are taken from the one point to others. There is a wide ditch up the stream (it is even impossible to determine the depth and a watercourse). The dam over which you can crosswith dry feet:

And below the stream there is a small ditch – easy to jump over:

The identified beaver dams on the map will be marked with a black line as crossing point. But please consider that all of them may not have been identified.


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