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Discover Latgale
Beautiful nature, historical and cultural monuments, recreation, festivals and both traditional and new Latgalian cuisine, Latgalian language and hospitality. We suggest great things to do in Latgale.

Rāzna National Park
Rāzna National Park is a place where you can find out more about natural and cultural and historical values, enjoy the landscape beauty, recognise hospitality of the Latgalians, and explore old crafts and traditions of Latgale, the Land of Blue Lakes.
Source – The Nature Conservation Agency Republic of Latvia

In the southern shore of Lake Rāzna, in Lipuški, there is Nature Education Centre “Rāzna”. Exhibition “Know and feel Rāzna National Park” can be seen in the centre, as well as it is possible to participate in lessons and receive information about Rāzna National Park.
Source – The Nature Conservation Agency Republic of Latvia
Lakes Rāzna and Ežezers and hills Mākoņkalns and Lielais Liepukalns are tourist attraction objects of the national scale with their stable position on the Latvian tourism map. However in the territory of the National Park, there are many more interesting and emotional objects though not so famous.
Hill Lielais Liepukalns
Hill Lielais Liepukalns is the third tallest hill in Latvia – 289.3 m above sea level. On the top of it, the tallest wooden sightseeing tower in Latvia (34 m) has been built offering a magnificent view on the surrounding landscape – hills, Lake Rāzna, and other lakes.

Mākoņkalns (Cloud Hill)
Mākoņkalns (Cloud Hill) is located near Lake Rāzna (249 m above the sea level). In 1252, on the top of the mountain the Livonian Order built one of the first fortifications in Latgale: the castle of Volkenbergs. At present one can see only the parts of the protecting wall.

Lūznavas Manor Building with Park
Art Nouveau gem of Latgale. It was built in the early 20th century as a place for art and music. Over the decades it experienced historic change, becoming a school, military headquarters, then school again, parish administration and library. At last in 2015 - reborn anew to inspire and become a true home for MUSE.
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Farm “Rudo kumeļu pauguri”
In the horse riding farm “Rudo kumeļu pauguri” you can see domestic animals, take a ride in cart or saddles crossing a picturesque area — this is a traditional tourist activity. When guided by an instructor, you can learn how to conduct a cart or ride.

Potter’s School
Latgalians have strong traditions in pottery. "Pūdnīku skūla" (school of potters in Latgalian dialect) keeps te traditional, inherited knowledge and techniques, and also developes them.
Pottery making, souvenirs, museum, history of the ceramics of Latgale.
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Zosna (Veczosna) Manor
Zosna (Veczosna) Manor. The building is surrounded by a small park near the bank of Lake Rāzna. It was built in 1870 by the order of duke Goļicins. It is one of the rare truss buildings in Latgale. Zosna Catholic Church built in 1800, is located on the territory of the park. It is famous for its altar, the crucifix.

Museum of “kandža” (homebrew)
An interesting private collection about homebrew (moonshine) can be seen in Kaunata old pub building. Homebrew tasting possibilities.
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Kroma kolns
The main occupation of the fellowship is popularization and imitation of Latgalian historical events and cultural environment of 9th – 13th centuries.
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AttAck guitars
Collection of guitars, tour, guitar making.
Jānis Kuzminskis, Latgalian craftsman, was announced to be the “Craftsman/Owner of the Year” in the Latgalian Culture Awards 2014 for his amazing guitar producing skills.
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Sailing yacht “Sea Esta”
Latgalian sailors Buru Guru offers sailboat tours, sailing experience, a night on the lake and the traditional cuisine.
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Museum “Andrupenes Farmstead”
The Museum of ethnography is located in Andrupenes village. It takes you to the countryside of Latgale in the early 20th century. Here you can see several buildings – a dwelling house, barn, byre, threshing barn, bathhouse, forge. The museum is a member of the Latgale Culinary Heritage network.
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Aglona Basilica
Aglona Basilica is the major Roman Catholic shrine of Latvia. Pilgrims flock to Aglona on August 15 each year to celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. Aglona Basilica, built in the late Baroque style, boasts two approximately 60-meter-high towers. Inside the church, there are groin vaults, arcs and columns featuring rich Rococo style adornments. The church’s furbishing is from the 18th century and its bye-altars have been built in the early 19th century.

Antique Musical Instruments of Gunārs Igaunis, Šmakouka (homebrew) museum
Enjoy exposition of the ancient musical instruments, a collection of accordions, and the process of manufacturing new musical instruments and playing music.
Šmakouka, šmiga, gonceņa, kandža, sievu asaras, samagonka - this drink is called differently in different regions of Latvia. It is our unique culinary heritage. Šmakouka Museum was created to explore the history and brewery traditions of this drink.
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Center of Water tourism “Bāka”
The new, facilitated place for enjoying sports and culture activities. Sightseeing excursions around Lake Lubāns by motor boat. Water skis, surfboard and kite rentals. For more information visit

Miniature Kingdom and Doll Gallery
Miniature castles, dressing up in antique attires and photo session, more than 400 dolls.
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Shmakovka museum in Daugavpils
Shmakovka Museum, potentially the only museum that in such way offers to see an integral part of cultural and historical, and gastronomical element of Latgale – homemade strong alcoholic drink shmakovka. You will have the unique opportunity to bear witness to the development, progress and changes of this tradition-rich beverage. So simple and true in its essence, yet so varied in its taste.
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What else to see?
Here you can find more about monuments of culture, nature objects and places of interest close to Rāzna National park and in Latgale:
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