Training possibilities

Information on training possibilities in Latvia from March 2017 until August 2017.
A typical rogaining for a competitive team can mean more than 100 kilometers depending on the course, and keeping sharp mental focus for entire 24 hours. World-class teams can top 120 – 140 kilometers in a competition. This type of extreme event is rarely something we encounter on a normal day hike, so you have to admit that some training will definitely be beneficial. Trainings are also good for map and compass practice.
The list of events:
04 March Winter Rogaining Embūte
26 March Riga rogaining Rīga, Mežaparks
8 April Kurzeme spring orienteering 2 days Talsi municipality
15 April The Northern orienteering 2 days Carnikava municipality
22 April Riga Orienteering Cup Rīga, Vecāķi
29 April OKZK night Rogaining Ventspils municipality/
4 May OK Arona Orienteering Cup Madona municipality
14 May Latvian Orienteering Championships Korneti
20 May Slokenbeka Rogaining Engure municipality
27 May  Riga Orienteering Championships Baldone municipality
3 June  Small Prize orienteering Smiltene municipality
24 June Otepää Night 14h Rogaining training Otepää, Estonia
30 June Kapa 3 days orienteering Krāslava municipality
15 July Daugavpils Rogaining Daugavpils
22 July TekuTaku Rogaining Ēdole
28 July Azimuth 3days orienteering Smiltene municipality
30 July Olaine Rogaining Rīga
5 August Sigulda Cup orienteering Sigulda municipality
12 August Valmiera Orienteering Championships Valmiera neighborhood

In addition, almost every weekday orienteering competitions are organized either in Riga neighborhood ( and all across Latvia ( More information on dates and locations you will be able to find here as they are updated

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