Organizing team / Martins Vimba.

Martins Vimba, selected for his management skills as the Event Director of the 15th WRC 2017, has participated as rogainer in 4 ERCs and 1 World Rogaining Championships (WRC).

He has participated and won the podium positions in a number of nationwide and regional rogaines. He has got experiencein rogaines of different level abroad. Martins participated as team member in organizational team of ERC 2011. He has lead organizational teams of several international and nationwide orienteering events, as well as organized local rogaining and adventure sports events on his own.

In his professional career he is CEO of leading mapping publishing and GIS company in Baltics (Jana Seta Map Publishers), previously being involved in forestry, logistics, GIS and optimization IT systems implementation, organizational change development projects as senior project manager dealing with international partners and stakeholders in the Baltics’ leading forestry company.

He was Latvian Orienteering Federation Board member (2011 - 2014), and was elected also as LOF Vice - President (2011 - 2013).


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