Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.  What is World Rogaining Championships (WRC)?
A.  Rogaining is an amateur sport to be enjoyed by social and competitive participants and event organisers.
World Rogaining Championships (WRC) are heldin 24 hour rogaine according to the rules of rogaining of the International Rogaining Federation:

Q. Who can participate in WRC2017?
A. Teams of  2 – 3 members. See Entry Criteria.
Q. When does the registration open?
A. Registration to the event opens on-line on the WRC 2017 website from 1st December 2016.
Registration procedure can be found here:

Q.  I think that my team is not among those who Pre-Qualify for WRC2017. Can I enter my team already, starting from December 1st?
A. Yes, you can. Just keep in mind That if your team does not meet the requirements status of Pre-Qualifying-entrants, you Might have to wait for acceptance until the end of the registration phase 2 (January 31, 2017).

Q. When and where will the WRC2017 event be held?
A.  Event centre will be located in Mamonova, Andzeli county, Dagda district, Latvia, in open field environement close to the centre of the competition area. Exact location - ViewonMap

Q. How about entree fee? How much have I pay to participate?
A. Entree fee (per competitor):
If registered before January 1st, 2017 If registered after  December 31st, 2016, andbefore June 1st, 2017 If registered after  May 31st, 2017
65 80 100

Q.  Our team ir registered at start class WV.  We want to take part in Open(WO) class also, but is it possible?
A. Yes, it is possible, you are automaticaly competing also in Open category. Teams competing in the Junior and the Veteran classes are also automatically entered into the corresponding Open category. Teams competing in the Super Veteran classes are also automatically entered into the corresponding Open and Veteran classes. Teams competing in the Ultra Veteran classes are also automatically entered into the corresponding Open and Veteran and Super Veteran classes.

Q.  Where in Riga will the transfer bus pickup from? Would there be a pickup from the Airport?
A.  Detailed info on transfer schedules will be available 2 months prior the event on WRC website. It takes 4-5 hours to travel by bus from Riga. Most probably there will be pickup from Riga airport and Riga Central Railway/bus station area.


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