Organizing team / Ilze Lapina.

Ilze Lapina, Chief Secretary of the 15 th WRC 2017,  Course Vetter, has over 30 years orienteering sports experience and has been participating in rogaining events for more than 8 years. Ilze participated in 4 WRCs and in 7 ERCs. She won the 3rd place of WRC in XV class (2012). Also she became 2 times European Champion in class WO (2006, 2009) as well as won European title in class WV (2009), 3 European silver medals in XV class (2012, 2013, 2014) and bronze (XO) in ERC, 2013.
Ilze represents orienteering club “Ziemeļkurzeme”, she participated in role of chief secretary of several foot-o events and participated in organizational teams of the 4th ERC and the 8th ERC held in Latvia

Experience in rogaining:
2006 AUS
2008 EST
2012 CZ 3 XV
2013 RUS
2014 USA
2015 FIN
2016 AUS 3 XV
2006 UKR 1 WO
2009 FIN 1 WO 1WV
2010 UKR
2011 LAT
2012 LIT 3 XV
2013 ESP 3XO 2XV
2014 EST 2 XV
2015 CZ 3 XV
2016 ESP

Organizing team / Ēvalds Žogla

Ēvalds Žogla – field work, mapper, course setter of the 15th WRC 2017 – has participated as a rogainer in 5 ERCs and 1 WRC, in several national 24h and partial time rogaines. He also has expierence as organizer's team member of local 12h rogaine in charge of setter, mapper and making field works.
On his opinion, the greatest motivation while dealing with WRC 2017event’sduties is a possibility to explore less visited parts of Rāzna National park without any rush.


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